Viewpoint level 2 blended online pack

Viewpoint level 2 blended online pack.

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Viewpoint is an innovative course that's based on extensive research into the Cambridge English Corpus, taking students to a higher level of proficiency to become effective communicators. Viewpoint Level 2 Blended Online is for young adult and adult students working towards an advanced level of English proficiency (C1). It includes the Viewpoint Level 2 Student's Book and Viewpoint Level 2 Online Workbook. Each of the 12 units in the Student's Book teaches the language, skills, and strategies that students need to progress beyond the intermediate level and to speak and write in English naturally, effectively, and appropriately. The practice exercises in the Online Workbook are marked automatically and students can review their progress and scores. The Online Workbook is accessed online through the Cambridge Learning Management System.

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