Natural science 2ºep st madrid 18 mas savia

Natural science 2ºep st madrid 18 mas savia.

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Didactica: lengua inglesa y alfabetizacion
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This book is part of the Más Savia Project of Ediciones SM: a global project designed so that all pupls learn with security develop their abilities and relate what they learn with what they experience in their lives. The objective of the project is to support the teacher sothey can guide the pupils' learning according to their individual capacities, intelligences and skills. To this end, Más Savia offers a series of resources, methodologies and tools backed-up by technology. Más Savia helps all pupils learn because... 1 It brings together similar contents so that the pupils can connect concepts and establish relationships between them. 2 Más Savia follows a systematic methodology which places the pupil at the centre of their own learning. This methodology is developed over four phases: ·áááááááá Let's Get Started - motivation through the activation of previous knowledge and the creation of anticipation. ·áááááááá Let's Understand - comprehension of the new contents. ·áááááááá Let's Use - The application and transerence to other contexts and to life itself. ·áááááááá Review - revising what has been learmed through diverse activities such as visual thinking and skills competences. Learning through Service empowers the pupils to make a positive impact on their own environment. 3 Clear language, scaffolding, well-organized content and realistic images, adapted to the pupils' age, facilitates understanding. Furthermore, there is the possibility to work on certain activities in a more guided way which adapts to different learning rhythms through digital didactic resources. 4 The development of co-operative learningáeasily adaptable to the classroom context. An efficient and complete way to to help the children learn together how to work individually. 5 Encourage the development of Learning to Think strategies to give the pupils the tools to deepen their learning experiens throughout their lives. Specifiacally, Mas Savia presents a systematic work on metacognition so the pupils may refklect on four fundamental aspects: what they learn, how to learn better, who they have learned with and how they have felt.

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